Logic School

Grades 7 - 9 are known as the “Logic School” because this is the time that students begin their formal training in Logic and argumentation.School Uniforms-11-1

BCS recognizes that students at this age naturally display traits like:

  • Being excited to learn, but needing to be challenged
  • Judging, critiquing, debating
  • Organizing and categorizing things and others
  • Liking to “show off” their knowledge
  • Wanting to know the why of things
  • Thinking and acting as if more knowledgeable than adults
  • Eager to to justify

Based on the student’s natural aptitude for these things, BCS works “with the grain” of the student by using teaching methods such as:

  • Timelines, charts, maps
  • Debates, persuasive reports
  • Drama, reenactments, role-playing
  • Evaluate, critique (with guidelines)
  • Formal Logic
  • Research projects
  • Oral and written presentations
  • Beginning Rhetoric

Benefits of a Small School: Student Life at Bloomfield Christian


BCS utilizes a range of instructional material that has been vetted for excellence in fulfilling the mission of the school and to align with the observations about students this age outlined above. In general, BCS uses primary source materials throughout the humanities so that students may encounter history and literature directly. Textbooks are used sparingly and mostly in the sciences.

Here are some highlights of our curriculum (click the + sign for more information):

Bible and History

In the Logic School, students revisit the history and Bible curriculum first encountered in the Grammar School, but with more depth and vigor. Throughout these years, students will student Ancient Civilizations, the rise (and fall) of the Greco-Roman world, and the Medieval Period (focusing on Church history). Students will also survey both the Old and New Testaments during these years, deepening their understanding of God’s story of Creation and our place in it.

Math & Logic

Logic school students will begin their studies in Algebra, earning high school credit during their 8th grade year for Algebra I.

Students also begin training in Formal Logic. This includes studies of categorical syllogism, formal and informal fallacies, and the proper use of arguments through debate.


BCS firmly believes that God is revealed through his creation. As such, science is approached as an encounter of the wonderful, beautiful world God has created for us to enjoy and know Him. In the Logic School, students cover the basics of the physical sciences (including Astronomy) and study the scientific method (both its practice and limitations).

Fine and Performing Arts

The visual (fine) and performing arts are an essential component of classical, Christian education. We are made in the image of God, who is the Master Artist. As such, the creation of and enjoyment of beauty is indispensable to us fulfilling our human nature. In the Logic School, all students are given the opportunity to continue to develop their artistic skills and understanding of basic music theory.

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